Summary: The  story follows a path from personal devastation to personal triumph through God’s call to mission and serving others through ministry. Her fears, disappointments, and heartaches are all detailed in this adventure about how God’s calling beckons her to continue on her mission no matter what troubles arise. Ultimately, God shows her how to turn her mountains into molehills.

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Turning Mountains into Molehills is a pleasant, eye-opening read. From the depths of grief to the relief of God’s love, Yvonne M Morgan takes her readers along with her on her life’s journey, with all its ups and downs. Morgan’s style of writing is equally casual and enlightened, making for a peaceful and uplifting reading experience. Her journey is inspirational, yet her humbleness and faith in writing about it make this story all the more interesting. Turning Mountains into Molehills is a loving, positive memoir that will undoubtedly serve as a beacon of light and hope for Christian readers who may have endured similar hardships in their lives and also come out on top. REVIEW FROM ATAI