Feeling Sick?

Recently, I came down with a stomach bug that was going around our office area. I felt miserable and I whined and complained about it. I do not like being sick and I do not like to miss work. I usually will still go to work if I do not feel well but with a stomach bug that is not a possibility so I stayed home, in bed.

I was lucky because the stomach bug was a minor nuisance. Many people in the world suffer from major health problems such as cancers, heart issues and many other debilitating diseases. In the USA, we have many doctors and hospitals that can help us prevent, cure or manage these medical problems. We are blessed by having medical help nearby, although our system is not perfect. Even with all the medical help that is available, some will still not be healed and some will even die. But at least we can get medical help.

Now imagine yourself born in another country, a country somewhere in Africa for example. The only medical care is in the big city hundreds of miles away. There is no government assistance of any kind, there is no health insurance, and there are no ambulance services.  You, or worse, your child develops a fever, or a cough or diarrhea, all things that could be treated with over-the-counter medicines if they were available.  But sadly, they are not available. Even if they were available, you would not be able to afford to buy them. Your average earnings are only $1 per day and that is not enough to even feed your family.

If you happen to make it to a hospital, your troubles are not over. The hospitals in some countries do not have the medicines they need to treat their patients. Some hospitals also do not have food to serve to their patients so you have to rely on your family or friends to bring you food or you could starve to death, in the hospital. With shortages on funds and everything else, the cleanliness is not the best either and diseases spread easily.

It is in these situations that we do our work with orphans. Along with other needs, we want to make sure that these children are provided with proper medical care. We provide checkups twice a year. We take the children to the doctor when they are sick. We provide them with vaccinations to keep them healthy. We provide them with proper nutrition to strengthen their bodies. Christ healed many people during His ministry on this earth and we try to follow His example.

Outdoor Clinic in Nepal
Outdoor Clinic in Nepal

Please help us continue this work with your prayers for the children and their health. Please help us by sharing our story with others. And please help us with your donations.

James 5:14
Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

If any of you are experiencing sickness in your life, let us know and we will join you in prayer for the Lord’s healing in your life.

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