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A Fiery Furnace

The story of Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego and the Fiery Furnace. Daniel 3:8-30 (NIV)  

Background of the Story

In chapter three of the Book of Daniel, the Bible introduces us to three young men who are friends of Daniel: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. These brave young men hold on to their faith in God, even when threatened by King Nebuchadnezzar. The king required all to worship the golden image he created. The fiery furnace awaited those who disobeyed, and the three friends fell into this category. Their story serves as an inspiration for those who question their faith or who face hardship for their beliefs.

The Fiery Furnace

The Fiery Furnace

Many of us learned of their story in Sunday School as kids. It amazed us and encouraged us to seek a faith as strong as Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. But, as we grew up, we no longer had to fear the fiery furnace, that was so Old Testament. We had lives to live, families to raise and work to do to support our life styles became our goals instead.

Modern Day Fiery Furnaces

A little background here, I graduated from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner). And after our girls’ softball team won the third national championship, ESPN did an interview with three of the team members. The girls each credited their success to their faith. Their testimonies brought tears to my eyes. Later, our pastor showed the video and remarked about how these girls stood in the modern-day fiery furnace and held onto their faith. So, maybe this Bible story still has relevance for us today.

Maybe we don’t stand in a true fiery furnace, but all around us we are told to bow down and worship idols made by man. Those idols include things like wealth, comfort, careers, and fame. And when we don’t seek those, the world rejects us or shuns us for being different. Jesus prepared us for this in Romans 12:12 (NIV); “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” We must stand strong in our faith even as the world criticizes us or mocks us.


Maybe, instead of idols pulling us away from faith, we are enduring hardships that seem to never end. God came and stood in the fiery furnace with the three men so that all could see there was a fourth person present. The scene showed God’s miraculous intervention in this situation. God does not always promise to intervene miraculously during a crisis. The lesson here goes beyond the miracle to show how these men trusted God with no guarantee of deliverance. They had no assurance they would survive the flames, but they stood firm anyway. We will face hardships and our assurance comes from God standing with us during those trials and not in how he resolves our problems.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)

Hope in the Fiery Furnace

They might not threaten us with a fiery death today, but many of us still face tests of our faith. As we face tough times, let us look at this old familiar story for inspiration. Remember that it is possible to stand firm in our faith even when we don’t see God rescuing us in the way we envisioned it.

Prayer in the Fiery Furnace

Prayer for Fiery furnace

Dear God, I come to you today seeking strength. I am feeling weak and overwhelmed, and I need your help to get through this difficult time. Please give me the strength to face any challenges that come my way. Help me be brave and courageous, and to trust in your goodness and love. Help me be strong in body, mind, and spirit. May I have the endurance to keep going, even when things are tough. Please bless me with your strength and peace. May I be filled with your love and light, and may I use your strength to serve you and others with kindness and compassion. Amen. (

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  1. Melissa G Henderson

    Every time I read the story of the fiery furnace, I learn something new. I am thankful that God is with us in every moment. 🙂 Have a blessed week!

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      I agree. It is fun to revisit those older stories to learn more. Thanks Melissa. Wishing you a blessed week too.

  2. Katherine Pasour

    Your message is a wonderful reminder of the many role models we’ve been blessed with that show us how to live through major challenges to our faith. God helps us stand firm–to keep our faith when tested. Thank you for this inspiring and uplifting message.

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      We do have so many incredible role models all around us. This is why being a part of a faith community is so important too. Thanks Katherine. God bless.

  3. JD Wininger

    We often find ourselves in “fiery furnaces” of our own making, when we succumb to temptation or fail to heed the Holy Spirit in our lives. Knowing that even if we made our own, Christ is willing to be in there with us and help lead us through it speaks to His steadfast love for His children. Another inspiring post Ms. Yvonne. Thank you ma’am.

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      So true JD. He never abandons us even when we walk away from Him. Thanks JD. God bless.

  4. Annie Yorty

    I love this story, Yvonne. The “even if” conviction of the trio is something I want to emulate. Thanks!

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      Me too Annie. I want to follow Christ even if it does not turn out the way I want. God bless.

  5. Jessica Brodie

    Amen to this, Yvonne! You are right: “All around us we are told to bow down and worship idols made by man… things like wealth, comfort, careers, and fame. And when we don’t seek those, the world rejects us or shuns us for being different.” We are called to be different and to have NO IDOLS. Nothing must get in the way of the Lord as priority in our lives. Our fight continues.

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      Amen and amen. Thank you Jessica and God bless

  6. Thank you for reminding us of these beautiful realities. It’s easy to be swept along by hardship and difficulties, to forget to call out to the Lord for help in that need, and yet, that is what the Lord would have of us, what we need the most.

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      He is there when we call. Every hour of every day. What a comforting thought. Thanks Melinda. God Bless

  7. Joanna Eccles

    This post reminds me of the song “Another in the Fire.” God never leaves us nor forsakes us, so we just have to look for His hand even when times get hot.

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      100 percent true. He is always with us. Thank you Joanna. God bless

  8. karentfriday

    Love the faith story of the 3 girls on the softball team. Our faith will be tested in this life. We decide whether to bow down to the things of this world, or stay faithful to the Lord of eternal life.

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      Yes, we make that choice daily, worship God or the world. Thanks Karen and God bless

  9. Stephen De La Vega

    I am always amazed at the commitment of these 3 young men. They knew that bowing to God is far better than bowing to anything else. Today, I see many threats on my commitment to God and very few from direct attacks on my faith. The attacks are more subtle like weariness and self-gratification. We still stand at a major battlefield today and I appreciate the story of the 3 volleyball athletes and their reliance on God to carry them through the hardships. May God bolster our faith today.

    1. Yvonne Morgan

      The faith of the 3 young men is amazing. As much as I follow Christ and try to do His will, I wonder if I could be that strong. Thanks Stephen and God bless

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